Senior Back-End Developer (Full-Time / Part-Time Position)

Anywhere Full-time Allows remote

Want to learn, grow and be part of a high-caliber team of Drupal and WordPress experts working on technically-complex projects, with good management, best practices, high-quality tools, as well as smart, nice, fun, considerate, collaborative people who respect things like the fact that you have a life? If so, this opportunity might be for you! We're called Origin Eight, based in Minneapolis, MN, USA with talent across the globe. Check us out at We have an incentivized "free time" policy in place to encourage participation in the Drupal community, and to help you grow as an individual and team member. We work on some fun projects, doing a lot with higher education and non-profits, and expect everyone to pitch in on support & maintenance. We're looking for someone who can work consistently, as part of a team, taking ownership in his/her work and in the quality of solutions that we deliver as a company, who is willing to be held to high standards.

We are looking for a high-caliber back-end developer to become a core team member. We would love to find someone relatively near our offices in Minnesota and New York, or a surrounding state.

Eastern or Central time zones are often preferred, but other time zones will be considered, as well as folks who are willing to adjust their working schedules to ours. You should be able to work most of our working hours (9 am - 5 pm Central Time). You can work from anywhere -- we're a lifestyle-conscious company yet expect you to take responsibility for your work and make a commitment to being reliable. Most roles will comprise about 60% project work and 40% support & maintenance, as we create living, breathing web presences -- if you expect to be building web projects from the ground-up every working hour, then this may not be the position for you. If you have knowledge in specific-yet-relevant technologies such as Solr, performance optimization, AWS/cloud, JS frameworks, Node.js, etc, please call them out if not in your resume, along with any additional talents such as UX, sysadmin or project management.

You would report to your Project Manager who reports to me, the CEO. I'm the CEO, and a software engineer and hard-core Drupal developer by trade -- that has many advantages to you, because I understand what you go through during your day-to-day, and provide a personal and personable managerial touch in addition to ensuring best practices in all technical aspects of the company. The great majority of people who work with us very much enjoy doing so, provided that they (1) are who they say they are, (2) can communicate well and read/follow directions closely, and (3) be autonomous workers who don't need a lot of hand-holding. We like to go to conferences like DrupalCon and have a yearly reunion in Minneapolis, so while we are a distributed company we do like to connect in-person whenever we can and enjoy each other's company.

First and foremost you must be reliable, honest, an autonomous worker, able to read and follow directions, and a good communicator.

Secondly, you should be proficient in these skills:

* Linux command line (at least basic skills to issue git commands -- we do a mix of remote and local dev, depending on preference and the project).

* Experience working with git, or at least really good version control skills.

You should also be quite proficient in things like these:

* Custom module dev, PHP skills, good knowledge of the Drupal API.

* Migrations (or at least a good idea of how they can be done in Drupal)

* Advanced Drupal site-building skills (i.e. Views, Panels / Display Suite, etc).

This position is targeting either a part-time or a full-time position with a company-matched 401K and other standard benefits like vacation and sick time. We will respond to the best candidates via email, then screen via a Skype/phone interview, then our project manager will put you on a few small trial tasks first to make sure you're ready to rock and roll.

Send a quick note or cover letter and credentials (resume / LinkedIn / etc) as well as hourly rate(s) and/or salary range(s) that you're willing to consider to

**NOTE: Personal emails or phone calls to anyone at the company will be ignored.**